The Dummerston Conservation Commission will present a workshop on Wednesday, January 24th from 10:30am-12pm in the downstairs of the Dummerston Congregational Church for the many woodland owners who want to pass their land on to their heirs. Succession planning expert Mary Sisock will present “Leaving a Land Legacy: What you really need to know to make it work.” Come learn the critical questions you need to ask and answer so that your transition strategy will be successfully implemented.


Plow routes are set up to open the major traffic routes and bus routes first. After all bus routes are done we will then plow the roads which we feel may cause the most problems for the public (based on traffic volume, steepness and curves, etc.) and continue until all roads are open.

The Town of Dummerston will enforce “NO PARKING” rules at all places where the plow trucks turn around.

The Town of Dummerston has only four full time employees and utilizes one part-time employee to plow 61.44 miles of highway of the 77.75 total highway miles in Town. Each employee has a specific route which takes about five hours to complete once a storm stops. We vary from these routes only for emergency situations (fire, ambulance, etc.) The Town does not plow Class 4 roads or private roads.

We usually begin operations by 3AM to have the major highways and bus routes clear by 7AM. After sixteen to seventeen hours on the job we will stop operations to get a minimal amount of rest.

Salt will be applied to most paved roads, with a minimal amount of sand added as necessary. Salt is not effective when road temperatures are below twenty degrees.

Sand will be applied to the gravel roads after the plowing is done on most roads. Some of the hills may be sanded at the time of plowing if the driver of that route feels he has enough ballast weight to get back up the hills to the garage.

In most cases, there will be no or a minimal amount of maintenance between 10PM and 3AM.

Lee Chamberlin, Road Foreman