As of noon on Monday, August 2, 2021, all Dummerston roads are passable but PLEASE DRIVE WITH CAUTION! Our amazing road crew is still hard at work to repair the damage that was done by the recent storm(s).


The Dummerston Town Office is open.  Appointments must be made in advance for vault use (i.e. title searches, genealogy work, etc). Please call 802-257-1496 or email  


The Selectboard is looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:


Town Auditor (until 2022 Town Meeting)

Planning Commission (1) four year term

DRB (1) three year term & (2) 1 year Alternates

Energy Committee (1) 3 year term

Animal Control Officer (2) 1 year term

CT River Joint Commission (2) 1 year term


If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please send a letter of interest to