Town of Dummerston

Windham County, Vermont

Development Review Board

Participating In DRB Hearings And Giving Testimony

Citizens wishing to participate in a hearing are sworn in at the start of the hearing; participants are charged with telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The applicant then presents the proposal and offers any additional testimony. The Chair then recognizes others. Testimony can include written statements, drawings, photos or other exhibits which become part of the official record. Questions of the applicant and others testifying are directed through the chair. Testimony may be limited by the Board so that all parties will have a chance to be heard. Final comments are invited by the Chair prior to the hearing being closed.

While the DRB will receive and consider letters, petitions or other written comments instead of participation at the hearing, these do not have the same status since the person offering the testimony cannot be questioned by the Board or other parties. Only persons appearing before the Board and qualifying as an "interested person" (see 24 VSA 4461 & 4465) may appeal a Board decision in Vermont Environmental Court.