Town of Dummerston

Windham County, Vermont

Conservation Commission

The mission of the Dummerston Conservation Commission is to promote community responsibility and awareness of our conservation needs, and to encourage stewardship of the natural habitat. The Commission, in cooperation with the Bonnyvale Environmental Center, sponsors many educational programs. Current members include John Anderson, Ed Anthes (Clerk), Judy Fink, Christine Goepp (Chair), David Greenwalt, Dan Kray, Lynn Levine, Rick Mills, and Jesse Wampler. Mary Ellen Copeland is our Advisor and Chair Emeritus.

For much more information about the Commission's work, resources, and ongoing projects, please visit their website by clicking here. For your convenience, meeting agenda and minutes are available to the right of this page.

Please call us at 257-1496, or email, if you'd like more information.