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We are pleased to welcome you to the picturesque town of Dummerston, Vermont. The home of craftsmen, artisans, farmers, professionals, and just about every point of view around, Dummerston is blessed with outstanding natural beauty and a rich history. It's been said that there are more writers-per-square-mile here than just about anywhere -- a tradition started when Rudyard Kipling called Dummerston home, and produced his most renowned works right here.

A Work In Progress

Dummerston isn't just about the past, though. As a small town in rural Vermont, we depend on our residents, their skills, and their vision to keep our town a vibrant, family-oriented community, while always looking to the future. We try to remain true to our agrarian roots, while adjusting to, and planning for, a globally connected life in the twenty-first century.


Our place

We're located on the Connecticut River, just north of Brattleboro. Three major highways run through our town: Interstate 91 (from which Dummerston is served by Exits 3 and 4,) US Route 5 (formerly one of the few north/south roads running through New England,) and Vermont 30 - which carries visitors past our famous covered bridge to ski country.

From west to east, Dummerston is defined by its topography, starting with the high country adjacent to Marlboro. The mountains fall away to the West River Valley, in which is located our most defined village center, West Dummerston. Crossing the West River, the area generically known as Black Mountain rises dramatically from the valley. At the summit is the village of Dummerston Center, noteworthy for its four-corners landmarks: the historic Congregational Church, one-room schoolhouse, Grange hall, town green. The land, once again, drops away quickly, this time to East Dummerston and the Connecticut River Valley. This area is the home of Dummerston School, and some of the best agricultural land around.

In touch...

Need to talk? Give us a call, FAX, e-mail, smoke signals, or just a smile and a wave!

  • Town Office telephone: 802 257-1496
  • Town Office FAX: 802 257-4671
Self-explanatory e-mail addresses:
  • townclerk (at)
  • selectboard (at)
  • treasurer (at)
  • zoning (at)
  • listers (at)
  • planning (at)
  • drb (at)

About this site

This is Dummerston's home on the World Wide Web! We're making this site an ever-expanding repository of information that you'll find useful. We're not only Dummerstonians - we're Vermonters and New Englanders, and our aim is to approach our Internet presence with that in mind.

So, here for your enjoyment, is - Dummerston's home on the Web.

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What a town...

We are SO lucky! Thanks to the gift of time by a generous band of residents, the Town Office interior got a fresh look recently. Organized by local asset Bill Holiday, the painting work was delivered at no cost to taxpayers by Dave Cyr, Yvonne Harrison, Mitchell Flood, David Lane, Carol Bessette, and Town Clerk Pam McFadden. A grateful town thanks and salutes you all.
(Photos? Absolutely.)




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