Town of Dummerston

Windham County, Vermont

Development Review Board

The Dummerston Development Review Board hears and issues decisions on certain development applications as spelled out in the Dummerston Zoning Bylaw. Most land development in Dummerston requires a zoning permit, and most zoning permits can be issued by the Town Zoning Administrator upon finding that the development is in conformance with the Town's Zoning Bylaw. Other more major uses, those that are "conditional" within the zoning district, or those that may affect neighbors or community services require a Conditional Use Permit and/or a Site Plan Review. The Zoning Administrator refers these applications to the DRB for hearing and decision. The DRB also hears Variance requests and appeals to administrative decisions made by the Zoning Administrator.

The Zoning Administrator can assist with application questions and procedures. Generally, the process starts with an application for a zoning permit. The Zoning Administrator then acts to either approve the application if it meets all the terms of the Zoning Bylaw, deny it if it doesn't and/or refer it to the DRB if the Zoning Bylaw requires a hearing. Generally, only one additional application page is needed if the application needs DRB review. Once the DRB decision is issued, the Administrator issues the Zoning Permit consistent with the DRB decision.

The DRB was established to provide a consolidated review of development applications and to replace the Zoning Board of Adjustment, all as specified in the 2005 changes to the Dummerston Zoning Bylaw. The five volunteer DRB members are appointed by the Selectboard to staggered 3-year terms; two alternates are appointed to help ensure that there will always be five members to participate in our procedures.

The DRB's regular meeting time is at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of the month; additional special meetings are scheduled if necessary.

The DRB may be contacted by email at or by mail addressed to the Town Office at 1523 Middle Road, East Dummerston, VT 05346 (however, see also the section below on "Particpating in DRB hearings and giving testimony").

Current DRB members and alternates are:

  • Alan McBean, Chair
  • Cami Elliott
  • Chad Farnum
  • Natalie Pelham-Starkey
  • Peter Doubleday

All About The DRB

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