Town of Dummerston

Windham County, Vermont


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Planning Commission

Planning for Dummerston's future is overseen by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is a group of residents (not more than nine) appointed by the Selectboard to take responsibility for the development and implementation of the Town Plan. The Town Plan, which is renewed at least every five years, is a guideline for public and private community actions that seeks to insure conformity with the wishes of the residents, to avoid the adverse and sometimes irreversible effects of random development, and to harmonize with the planning measures of the State, the Windham Region, and neighboring towns. The Plan contains a wealth of information and data about Dummerston's history, natural and cultural resources, community facilities, housing, and current land use. It also sets forth the Town's policies in fifteen separate areas, lists action steps to carry out those policies, and states eighteen overall planning goals. In short, the Town Plan is the best place to look for a full expression of Dummerston's economic, environmental, cultural and social values.

The Planning Commission is also responsible for writing Dummerston's Zoning Bylaw, using the Town Plan as a framework. In the past, the Planning Commission was involved in adjudicating some provisions of the Zoning Bylaw, but now all regulatory duties are the province of the Development Review Board. The Planning Commission works closely with the Zoning Administrator and the Development Review Board to keep the Zoning Bylaw a clear and easily-applied vehicle for implementing the land use policies of the Town.

The current Planning Commissioners are Bob Danzi, Sam Farwell, Annamarie Pluhar, Maria Glabach, Sarah Bergh, Regina Stefanelli, Rick Contino, and Daniel Gehring.